*Lisa.l: the secret life of ghosts
CécileAF: Un p'tit pique-nique les amis flickériens?!...
Louise St-Maurice: Mésange à tête noire
Charli 49: DSC_3693 Kleiber - Nuthatch
Charli 49: DSC_3648 Kleiber - Nuthatch
maragiacobbi: jolinda
Erwin Staudt: purple Motion
Erwin Staudt: Summerfly
navvy71: Photography is the power of observation not the application of technology.
Thelma Gátuzzô: Glowing in the dark
Babette Plana: Miner's Dwelling - Calico
tstanford372: Wood Sandpiper
Kitty Kono: Here's Looking at You, Kid
HW111: πŸ”₯
jaytee27: Band-eyed Drone Fly - Eristalinus taeniops
Ce Rey: Balconcitos
vanessa violet: Another cloudy day ...
Nelson Wong Wildlife: Coelogyne fimbriata ζ΅θ˜‡θ²ζ―θ˜­
lisathomann: .. careFree..
Carlos Santos - Alapraia: Pilrito das Praias (Calidris alba)
mhaudot: Chevaux dans la lande islandaise
Catiaǝɟɟǝ: Purple poetry
mhaudot: Tourterelle des bois (Streptopelia turtur)
Will Hofacker: Green Leaf
Thelma Gátuzzô: Burrowing Owl
navvy71: Nature always wears the colours of the spirit.
danielled61: Ensemble
Nocte Invictus: Noctuelle couleur de bronze (Phytometra viridaria)
JR Celso: Burrowing Owl III / Coruja Buraqueira III