MyArtistSoul: ring o' red rounds
MyArtistSoul: meet you in the center
MyArtistSoul: It's another tortilla sunrise.
MyArtistSoul: Merrells under the table again
MyArtistSoul: Ikea Poang
MyArtistSoul: sun dial
MyArtistSoul: Things are looking up. I'm finally near the front of the line.
MyArtistSoul: full moon out the back door
MyArtistSoul: social distancing
MyArtistSoul: soaking in soap suds in the center of the sink
MyArtistSoul: la vache (the cheese machine)
MyArtistSoul: glasses organizer -- working prototype 1
MyArtistSoul: eksentreek
MyArtistSoul: beauty is in the I of the beholder
MyArtistSoul: kwarantine krazy
MyArtistSoul: walk this way
MyArtistSoul: A cute triangle
MyArtistSoul: vanity
MyArtistSoul: late one night
MyArtistSoul: Pink is the new orange.
MyArtistSoul: skinny red-edged Z
MyArtistSoul: islands on the wall
MyArtistSoul: before the fall
MyArtistSoul: oh, such colorful language!
MyArtistSoul: demi-cupped
MyArtistSoul: wall behind WF
MyArtistSoul: when down is up
MyArtistSoul: cut & dried... literally
MyArtistSoul: the flip side
MyArtistSoul: bite me!