mondgebraeunt: Leave my cloud and ride a rusty bike without seat through Napoli.
mondgebraeunt: Days fly by, yesterday becomes today and is already tomorrow, while the sky runs in a gradation curve
mondgebraeunt: There's a vibration in the atmosphere that closely resembles a suicide
mondgebraeunt: Trip the light fantastic on this rope
mondgebraeunt: I'm the shadow who found a body to walk into the light.
mondgebraeunt: „Do you think you can tell heaven from hell?“
mondgebraeunt: Freedom is what you do with what's been done to you
mondgebraeunt: Was verbleibt, ein Hauch von Sterblichkeit vielleicht, ein Fragment von Licht in deinen Augen. Vögel, die in der Luft hängen mit ausgebreiteten Flügeln, sich verfangend in Schatten.
mondgebraeunt: who travels across the sea, changes the skies but not the colour of the eyes
mondgebraeunt: My eyes are wide open but my heart keeps on dreaming
mondgebraeunt: My slowed heartbeat between two breaths, against the rhythm of the world.
mondgebraeunt: Die Sonne geht auf, ohne dass wir sie berühren. Und sie geht nicht ohne uns unter, egal was wir glauben.
mondgebraeunt: Ich trage das Licht wie ein Gift in mir das nicht wirkt und die Nacht kennt nur die Schatten, die der Tag vergessen wird.
mondgebraeunt: "I fear, that no bus will find us in the middle of a cornfield." - "People get lost on the open roads every day. Don't worry, you can listen just as well to the cows farting."
mondgebraeunt: Wait till the men play Monopoly
mondgebraeunt: That's how our famous, puffy Frisian Clouds reach the whole world. After the cloudcutters have done their work, we export them by our canals.
mondgebraeunt: No matter how cold it is around you, be like a bare tree in winter.
mondgebraeunt: FILM NOIR
mondgebraeunt: Warm up your soul by opening your eyes.
mondgebraeunt: People take everything for granted. They are so blind to the beauty around them, that they could have been born with a golden spoon in their mouths and nevertheless remain poor.
mondgebraeunt: You can't always ride the big wave, but the experience is worth an ocean of gold.
mondgebraeunt: The best path is a bridge, built in perfect balance to darkness and brightness
mondgebraeunt: Frisian farmhouse sleeping between the trees
mondgebraeunt: Eerstmal en Koppke Tee un en Ballerdutje voor de weg.
mondgebraeunt: When there's a rainbow at the sky, then it's the best time to harvest the frisian green. It ensures quality assurance in the production of the best milk in the world also during the winter. ;-)
mondgebraeunt: Cheeky wind turbine climbing on the back of a cow for a better view on the sunset
mondgebraeunt: Frisian Cloudcutters so overwhelmed by the sunset, that they forget to cut the clouds into pieces.
mondgebraeunt: The natural cycle of Frisian Clouds. Coming down on earth, mowing the frisian green and creating new ones digestion.
mondgebraeunt: The luck lives behind a green door
mondgebraeunt: When the sun enlightens your way