mikesvue: Sea weeds anyone?
mikesvue: Bird calls
mikesvue: Glide
mikesvue: Resting Egret
mikesvue: Reaching for the cloud
mikesvue: Distant Sunset
mikesvue: DSC_2613
mikesvue: Le Louvre
mikesvue: Another beautiful day
mikesvue: Seaport
mikesvue: Monday feel :)
mikesvue: Enchanting path
mikesvue: Rocks and rip tides
mikesvue: Orange and green smoky mountain
mikesvue: Flowering branch
mikesvue: From my memory bank
mikesvue: Illumination
mikesvue: Bon été
mikesvue: Cafe Limonade
mikesvue: Preserve par le temps
mikesvue: Natures shape and curve
mikesvue: Evening lights
mikesvue: Birdie birdie
mikesvue: Another beautiful sunset view..
mikesvue: A quiet enchanted garden
mikesvue: Another beautiful evening
mikesvue: Color shape and patterns
mikesvue: After hour..
mikesvue: Yeah,, everything belongs to the earth
mikesvue: Duck pond dream