Micholand: Spot the ant
Micholand: Benches in front of red wall
Micholand: Bicycle boulevard
Micholand: Rectangular window
Micholand: The atrium
Micholand: Birch tree alley
Micholand: Have a seat
Micholand: Ticket validator
Micholand: Tent roof
Micholand: Roof detail
Micholand: Fröttmaning - station architecture
Micholand: Free seating
Micholand: Straight lines reflected
Micholand: Foliage
Micholand: Poppies
Micholand: Orchard meadow
Micholand: Traditional orchard
Micholand: HVB Tower
Micholand: HVB Tower - IR
Micholand: Modern architecture reflected
Micholand: Modern architecture
Micholand: Windows
Micholand: Hochhaus Süddeutscher Verlag
Micholand: plane tree - IR
Micholand: Schacht Ulm-Donau
Micholand: A.Schacht Ulm - Travegon 35/3.5 + Travenar 50/2.8
Micholand: Hofgarten (München) - IR
Micholand: Hofgarten (München)
Micholand: Monopteros in the English Garden, Munich