ère: 135/366: high on a wireère: 134/366: a new ecosystem (emerges with the absence of meddling men)ère: 133/366: back in the shadow gardenère: 132/366: shine-sublime (at the right place and time)ère: 131/366: today, the sky's the limitère: 130/366: the shadows are sharper hereère: 129/366: no access (shadow weaver)ère: 128/366: hang on in thereère: 127/366: a fragile heartère: 126/366: wake up and smell the flowersère: 125/366: trapped in the domeère: 124/366: more sky holes (phone photography - look up: flattening the vertical plane)ère: 123/366: to look is also to listenère: 122/366: domestic scene (multiplied)ère: 121/366: and then the dark sky opened (and it rained and rained)ère: 120/366: reflected reality outdoorsère: 119/366: digital feedback loop (guest photo for project 366)ère: 118/366: the open doorère: 117/366: nature is looking down on usère: 116/366: another night closing inère: 115/366: how are you feeling?ère: 114/366: solitary (back into the walking dream state: variations on a theme)ère: 113/366: the whole world is cordoned off with hazard tapeère: 112/366: digital curtain twitcherère: 111/366: curving the cornersère: 110/366: freezing a scene from Escher's dreamsère: 109/366: plenty of thymeère: 108/366: composition in the time of covidère: 107/366: my own private sky corner (the right angle)ère: 106/366: shifting baselines (masks are the new norm)