MickBarry.com: Donegal Bay from Slieve League
MickBarry.com: Clifftop Lake at Slieve League, Co Donegal
MickBarry.com: Cliffs at Slieve League
MickBarry.com: The Rock Bridge, Celbridge, Co. Kildare
MickBarry.com: The Salmon Weir at Carton Estate
MickBarry.com: The Shell House at Carton Estate
MickBarry.com: The town of Clifden with a background of the 12 Bens
MickBarry.com: Local Resident
MickBarry.com: Clifden Harbour, Connemara, Co. Galway
MickBarry.com: Gateway Arch St. Louis 1984
MickBarry.com: Redwood Sunrise
MickBarry.com: Stormy evening at Glenbeigh, Co. Kerry
MickBarry.com: Gortmakellis Castle in Co Tipperary
MickBarry.com: Early Morning at The Customs House Dublin
MickBarry.com: Living On Your Western Shore
MickBarry.com: Lake at Marl Bog in Co. Tipperary
MickBarry.com: Conolly's Folly
MickBarry.com: Killiney Obeisk
MickBarry.com: Wellington Monument Phoenix Park
MickBarry.com: Extreme Parking ;-)
MickBarry.com: Blasket Islands
MickBarry.com: A Door to the World
MickBarry.com: Hore Abbey, Cashel, Co. Tipperary
MickBarry.com: Celtic Tiger Tombstone
MickBarry.com: Which Way is up!
MickBarry.com: Kerry Sunset
MickBarry.com: Bridge over Blackwater at Fermoy
MickBarry.com: Lisgoold Cemetery, Co. Cork
MickBarry.com: Bank of Ireland College Green Dublin
MickBarry.com: Trinity College Dublin