MauScaMe: Number three
MauScaMe: Different attitudes
MauScaMe: A frown in concrete with bars
MauScaMe: Two circles
MauScaMe: Cylinders and verticals
MauScaMe: A smile and a stride
MauScaMe: Red and yellow
MauScaMe: Rectangles
MauScaMe: Window and tables
MauScaMe: Of penguins and bicycles
MauScaMe: Tree, bikes and boat
MauScaMe: Two ghosts caught in the swirl
MauScaMe: Waiting with fist and red purse
MauScaMe: Walking away from the eyes on the wall
MauScaMe: 20 on 120
MauScaMe: Colour and boots
MauScaMe: Walking away
MauScaMe: Relax
MauScaMe: Emotional
MauScaMe: In a row
MauScaMe: Top hat
MauScaMe: More on the bridge
MauScaMe: A tree in the stables
MauScaMe: Stables window and a bit of stairs
MauScaMe: On the bridge, with railings and houses
MauScaMe: Keeping up the spirit
MauScaMe: More texts, with light
MauScaMe: Fence and trees
MauScaMe: Gentleman in shadow
MauScaMe: Salt, pepper and shades