Fabiane J: Sun shining over the dawn fog - Estiva - Sul de Minas - MG - Brazil
Fränk61: St Johannis - Würzburg
ƅʌυɱƒɪɲɗєɾ: sicherer fall
*Darlene*: In defiance of the knowledge that one more target shot could end what he is there to do, his perseverance to the task, on this day, still revealed that there were curves ahead on this muddy backroad.
ƅʌυɱƒɪɲɗєɾ: auf jeden fall nicht aschenputtel
jp7photography: JP - Rydal water at night._
christikren: landed in the evening
rabimiki: Plaza de España
LH_LEV: downstairs
LH_LEV: orange
michael-otto-foto: colorful reflection
michael-otto-foto: five in one go
*Darlene*: Once roaming the rails, taking in a myriad of landscapes, they now sit still and silent, catching the view of only one, but they're doing it together, and they're glad for that.
Miradortigre: Val di Blenio
Linsenkit0815: office building at night
- Lubbock -: Rolling
V A N D E E: Highway
Frans.Sellies: Faro de la Entallada, Fuerteventura
LH_LEV: shadow play
XINEIRO: XINEIRO_8328-4_201911
XINEIRO: XINEIRO_36681_202211
XINEIRO: XINEIRO_38214_202211
Toni_V: D32
Lens Kaap: Winter Olympiad
- Lubbock -: Between two
fotomarion...: hinter der Düne
Sebastiãn S.: Light flow
LH_LEV: no way out
Harald Flechtner: Brockenbahn