ivanoelbarreto: MAAT, Lisboa.
*Darlene*: Once roaming the rails, taking in a myriad of landscapes, they now sit still and silent, catching the view of only one, but they're doing it together, and they're glad for that.
Miradortigre: Val di Blenio
Linsenkit0815: office building at night
- Lubbock -: Rolling
V A N D E E: Highway
Frans.Sellies: Faro de la Entallada, Fuerteventura
LH_LEV: shadow play
Fränk61: Schichten - Layers
XINEIRO: XINEIRO_8328-4_201911
XINEIRO: XINEIRO_36681_202211
XINEIRO: XINEIRO_38214_202211
Toni_V: D32
Lens Kaap: Winter Olympiad
Fränk61: Licht und Schatten - Light & Shadow
- Lubbock -: Between two
fotomarion...: hinter der Düne
Sebastiãn S.: Light flow
LH_LEV: no way out
Harald Flechtner: Brockenbahn
karldue: windows / Explore
Mah Nava: Hydrangea / Hortensie
christikren: Panorama & Matterhorn
__JvR: Am Kanal-Damme
dolorix: Weg im Licht
Outback Hillbilly: Haunted morning
christikren: The Light ( ( ( (((
*Darlene*: She was the prettiest girl on the block when she was younger, and her dark eyes still reveal her faded beauty.