welshmanwandering1: Come outside, there's a ......
welshmanwandering1: Newgale, West Wales
welshmanwandering1: was your father as bold as a sergeant major?
welshmanwandering1: Durdle door
welshmanwandering1: The prettiest girl in the world
welshmanwandering1: monkey love
welshmanwandering1: Red Squirrels, Yorkshire
welshmanwandering1: Puffin world
welshmanwandering1: Lets go down to the sunset grill
welshmanwandering1: Llanberis lone tree
welshmanwandering1: Buttermere
welshmanwandering1: Buttermere...English lake district
welshmanwandering1: the milky way
welshmanwandering1: Skinny dipping in Wales
welshmanwandering1: She's a dark horse, see if she can.....
welshmanwandering1: Much Wenlock cemetery and chapel
welshmanwandering1: Last light on the Langdales
welshmanwandering1: Cobweb time
welshmanwandering1: Cowes week, 2017
welshmanwandering1: "Giving chase" Cowes regatta 2017
welshmanwandering1: Theres a storm on the way...