martie_everaerdt: The Battle of the Argonne in the wheat field under cloudy sky
martie_everaerdt: Life can be hard and unreal
martie_everaerdt: Upside Down
martie_everaerdt: The night of the werewolf
martie_everaerdt: The summer and butterflies
martie_everaerdt: An Endless Summer of Catching Dreams
martie_everaerdt: Venus Statue
martie_everaerdt: Assassin's Creed® IV Black Flag™2017-8-2-17-23-7
martie_everaerdt: Assassin's Creed® IV Black Flag™2017-8-2-17-15-19
martie_everaerdt: World Of Imagination
martie_everaerdt: Dark Place
martie_everaerdt: Indestructible
martie_everaerdt: Nostalgia
martie_everaerdt: Falconer, in a previous life :)
martie_everaerdt: Portrait of a King
martie_everaerdt: City Of Light
martie_everaerdt: Midnight Party