martindsmith: Lone poppy in the breeze
martindsmith: Little Cumbrae on a stormy day - taken from Portencross Pier
martindsmith: Abandoned farmhouse in the Forth Valley near Stirling
martindsmith: Sunset over Stirling, Scotland 12th July 2019
martindsmith: 800 second long exposure of St. Mary’s Lighthouse in Northumberland.
martindsmith: Poppy fields near House of the Binns, West Lothian, Scotland
martindsmith: Newhaven Harbour, Edinburgh
martindsmith: Poppies of West Lothian, Scotland. Taken near the House of the Binns, Linlithgow
martindsmith: Serge, the border collie, having fun with her new toy (roots of some shrub) on a walk in the countryside near Denny, Falkirk
martindsmith: Cino the Welsh Collie enjoying a walk in the countryside around Denny, Falkirk
martindsmith: A set of lenticular clouds over Denny, Scotland
martindsmith: Arria, one of Andy Scott’s beautiful creations. Cumbernauld, Scotland
martindsmith: Arria on a moody summer evening. Cumbernauld, Scotland
martindsmith: Face of Arria
martindsmith: Feeling blue
martindsmith: Loch Lomond sunset
martindsmith: Loch Lomond on the longest day of the year Long Exposure - Lee Big Stopper
martindsmith: St. Mary’s Lighthouse, Whitley Bay, Northumberland
martindsmith: St. Mary’s Lighthouse, Whitley Bay, Northumberland 6 Stop Long Exposure
martindsmith: St. Mary’s Lighthouse, Northumberland, on a summer morning 10 Stop long exposure
martindsmith: Dusk falls at Turnberry Lighthouse, South Ayrshire 13th June 2019
martindsmith: Turnberry Lighthouse, South Ayrshire 242 seconds long exposure
martindsmith: Belhaven Bay’s Bridge to Nowhere, East Lothian
martindsmith: Clackmannanshire Bridge abstract
martindsmith: Clackmannanshire Bridge against the backdrop of the Ochil Hills, Scotland
martindsmith: Clackmannanshire Bridge near Alloa, Scotland
martindsmith: Culross Pier, Fife
martindsmith: Pier at Culross, Fife
martindsmith: Lighthouse on Fidra Island, East Lothian
martindsmith: Fidra Lighthouse, East Lothian