SunnyMarry: Hiding
SunnyMarry: Simple as this.
SunnyMarry: Denial
SunnyMarry: Into the lights.....
SunnyMarry: Refugees / Flüchtlinge
SunnyMarry: "Everywhere I go, every smile I see, I know you are there- smiling back at me" )
SunnyMarry: To touch a soul.
SunnyMarry: Shutter me.
SunnyMarry: “Music gives color to the air of the moment.” ― Karl Lagerfeld
SunnyMarry: When reality becomes better than dreams.
SunnyMarry: hugged.
SunnyMarry: Home is whereever I'm with you.
SunnyMarry: F 20.0
SunnyMarry: Never let your fear decide your fate.
SunnyMarry: "Wenn Kinder klein sind, gib ihnen Wurzeln. Wenn sie groß sind, gib ihnen Flügel."
SunnyMarry: best of 2013
SunnyMarry: The End of the journey.
SunnyMarry: Sisyphus' suffering-
SunnyMarry: No one can stop us.
SunnyMarry: About choosing confession.
SunnyMarry: Waiting
SunnyMarry: Parts. Given and taken.
SunnyMarry: Waiting to fly. Learning to fall.
SunnyMarry: On top of the World
SunnyMarry: The Pain of GoodBye.
SunnyMarry: worlds apart.
SunnyMarry: The other side of the storm.
SunnyMarry: They could have been friends
SunnyMarry: Anchored to nature