sirona27: Sperbergeier
Ger Bosma: Meadow Dancer
Dyrk.Wyst: haunted woods
Martin Arcos ·: Flying in the light
Martin Arcos ·: The golden pond
Martin Arcos ·: skies above
Martin Arcos ·: staircase
serdir: Cattedrale di Saragozza
Open your eyes<::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Shorebreak<::::::::::::::::
duck daddy: forward
duck daddy: wings and flapper feet
pascalcolin1: Going out of the passage
jungle mama: Oops, the hard to believe backside of a Peacock!
juances: caletadeleandro14
badlyparkedcar: LE JOG XV 0356
Gilderic Photography: Liège : Super marionnettes
Sylvia Okkerse: ancient house in Lenk ( view large please )
magda indigo: MILES AND MILES...
serdir: Piazza Duomo
magritknapp: Miesepeter
peterphot: der Leica ganz nah....
Rolye: 20190611_172245 MORLAIX Bretagne France
eagle1effi: selectiver modus S7 aka FABULOUS MODE wie bei SX70
NathalieSt: Bokeh Dance
MrBlackSun: Glacier in Pano
memories-in-motion: In the fields
pascalcolin1: In front of the screen
Hans-Jürgen Böckmann: Blau ist auch eine Farbe