helenoftheways: Alfie stares up at a squirrel
helenoftheways: Could Pink Piggy be self isolating?
helenoftheways: sunset through trees
helenoftheways: daffodils with Tenby Bay in background
helenoftheways: three dogs waiting
helenoftheways: Tenby Beach
helenoftheways: Toilet etiquette
helenoftheways: Romanesque
helenoftheways: My father 1918
helenoftheways: Seen on a wall in Swansea
helenoftheways: dogless head...or something like that
helenoftheways: Corner of my home
helenoftheways: girl feeding geese in the park
helenoftheways: Singleton Park, Swansea
helenoftheways: Alfie watching a ladybird
helenoftheways: The other urban tractor
helenoftheways: Urban tractors!
helenoftheways: Alfie just loves the window seat
helenoftheways: a snail on his way down
helenoftheways: a little meditation in the park
helenoftheways: hoverfly
helenoftheways: honeysuckle
helenoftheways: a lovely moth
helenoftheways: multi-tasking in the park
helenoftheways: my mini-morning glories..
helenoftheways: Alfie sleeping
helenoftheways: An unusual plant in my garden
helenoftheways: Meet Alfie