maestro17ca: Wilson's Warbler2
maestro17ca: Tree Swallows
maestro17ca: Anna's Hummingbird
maestro17ca: Pacific Central Station
maestro17ca: Pacific Central train station
maestro17ca: Seattle Waterfront
maestro17ca: Ghent canal
maestro17ca: Modern vs Old
maestro17ca: London's red tele box
maestro17ca: Mitchell Library at night
maestro17ca: Relaxing at the canal
maestro17ca: Holyrood Abbey
maestro17ca: Glasgow City Chambers
maestro17ca: Bruge reflections
maestro17ca: Bruge romance
maestro17ca: Royal Albert Hall
maestro17ca: Glasgow Cathedral
maestro17ca: Ghent Graslei and Korenlei
maestro17ca: White Rock Pier
maestro17ca: Glasgow Cathedral
maestro17ca: Castle of the counts
maestro17ca: Ghent Saint Michael's Bridge
maestro17ca: Cloisters of Glasgow
maestro17ca: Charring Cross light trails
maestro17ca: Golden Ghent
maestro17ca: Bruges reflections
maestro17ca: Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum
maestro17ca: Bruges City Hall
maestro17ca: University of Glasgow
maestro17ca: An evening at Harrods