n8fire: Cocktail Scene at Restaurante IK (closed now)
n8fire: Burned Grapefruit and Mezcal sour
n8fire: #166 - The art of burning grapefruits
n8fire: Paracas Camping
n8fire: Tacama Winery
n8fire: Pisco Porton
n8fire: #165 - Good morning Friday!
n8fire: Squirrely
n8fire: #164 - Rosé Season (and rare x100v shot)
n8fire: Not sure what species this is...
n8fire: #163 - Bebe so proud
n8fire: Breakdown
n8fire: The streets of Havana
n8fire: Walking Havana
n8fire: A walk on the Nacional Hotel Terrace
n8fire: #162 - Burgers on the Kamado today
n8fire: Cemetary
n8fire: Segovia
n8fire: Hanging out in Segovia
n8fire: Macallan 12
n8fire: #161 - Loving the attention
n8fire: Riesling Pur
n8fire: Cozy
n8fire: Time for some filet mignon
n8fire: Photographing the wild life in my yard...
n8fire: Common Redpole
n8fire: #160 - Gants & Mitaines Laurentides
n8fire: Restaurante Sobrino de Botin
n8fire: Cava at Mercado San Miguel
n8fire: With NYC in the background...