lorpete: Blue Spotted Bee
lorpete: Singapore F15 Advanced fighter approaching Darwin Airport
lorpete: Equatic Weed Harvester at Fogg Dam
lorpete: Pure Monochrome
lorpete: Getting ready to depart to the wetlands
lorpete: Pied Heron and a camera shy Australian White Ibis
lorpete: Little Egret
lorpete: Pied Heron Fishing mode
lorpete: Fogg Dam Agile Wallabies on the hop
lorpete: Two-brand Crow Butterfly
lorpete: Magpie Goose Stealth take-off
lorpete: Pied Heron - Ardea Picata
lorpete: The Intermediate Egret
lorpete: Egret's aeronautical display
lorpete: Black-Breasted Buzzard
lorpete: The Darters in force at Fogg Dam NT Australia
lorpete: Blue Faced Honeyeater
lorpete: Pied Heron arriving Fogg Dam
lorpete: The Egret mob
lorpete: Great Egret v Little Egret
lorpete: Fogg Dam
lorpete: The Floodplains overflowing
lorpete: Great Egret's & Pied Heron
lorpete: Water flowing over the road at Fogg Dam
lorpete: The Pied Heron
lorpete: Black Kite
lorpete: Pied Heron taking off
lorpete: Celebrating Women's History Month
lorpete: Paperbark Flycatcher
lorpete: Portrait of Aboriginal Elder