lorpete: Yellow throated miner
lorpete: Waning Gibbous Moon
lorpete: hummingbird hawk-moth shot No2
lorpete: hummingbird hawk-moth
lorpete: The hummingbird hawk-moth
lorpete: Two-brand Crow
lorpete: Spangled Drongo - shot No3
lorpete: Two-brand Crow Butterfly - Shot No2
lorpete: Tiger Shark
lorpete: Blue banded Bee
lorpete: whistling kite
lorpete: Darter v Water lilie
lorpete: The Iron Miner being escorted by tug boats
lorpete: DSC_3051
lorpete: Dingo walking the fence-line
lorpete: Couple of Bluefaced Honeyeaters on a park bench
lorpete: Abandonded rusty corrugated farm buildings
lorpete: Grasshopper Macro
lorpete: Grasshopper
lorpete: Herbs in our garden
lorpete: Pale-triangle Butterfly
lorpete: Butterfly Common Eggfly or Blue Moon
lorpete: Yellow throated miner Shot No2
lorpete: Red Winged Parrot
lorpete: Portrait of the Comb-crested Jacana
lorpete: The sharp eyes of two Black Kites
lorpete: Abandonded Barn
lorpete: Yellow throated Miner
lorpete: Australian Grebe near Fogg Dam and Adelaide River.
lorpete: Barn Owl in flight