pure_embers: Grumpy
efichu °: goofy goober
55randomclicks: A snow surprise
PruchanunR.: Lati Doll Nana . Princess Bonetta
PruchanunR.: Lati Doll Nana . Princee Bonetta
pure_embers: Despair hair ❣️
Charon Dolls: 9.Arime
55randomclicks: He'll do anything for a rubber chicken.
Untuvikko: Flickr year 2018
55randomclicks: Choosing color is like choosing happiness.....
pure_embers: Spray ❣️
l u d y c o: Shine on
Passion for Blythe: Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas to you all!
Petitedoll: Bedtime history
-Poison Girl-: Little Ayumi *fa tomorrow*
.Corarock.: * Roxanne *
Passion for Blythe: Christmas is coming, time to get off the diet!
Charon Dolls: 70.Doe
Charon Dolls: 70.Doe
Petitedoll: Snow angel
-Poison Girl-: Little Ayumi *today*
Narmolanya A.: Préparatifs~
Passion for Blythe: I wish I could fly...
pure_embers: Bettina ❤️
Menina!: Dal Dotori
Passion for Blythe: Lati Yellow Suji
-Poison Girl-: Hello! I'm Ayumi :D
Hitomi~♥: Grimm