ProSession: Managed to get one good shot of this darting fish
ProSession: Horses
ProSession: Traveller horses
ProSession: Prunus pseudocerasus var pseudocerasus
ProSession: Sinningia leucotricha
ProSession: The dying and the living
ProSession: Pastel shades of Kalanchoe tubiflora flowers
ProSession: Orchid Dendrobium kingianum
ProSession: Araucaria humboldtensis
ProSession: Ferocactus pilosus Mexican Lime
ProSession: Resting in peace
ProSession: My heart is green to the core
ProSession: Botanics-1713-2
ProSession: Mallard drake
ProSession: Pheasant fern
ProSession: Pseudopanax crassifolius
ProSession: Aesculus californica
ProSession: Beech leaves
ProSession: Amber eyes, shades of brown
ProSession: Soft sunlight
ProSession: The avenue
ProSession: Climbing Plumbago
ProSession: Before the wilt
ProSession: If you go down to the woods today....
ProSession: Getting in there
ProSession: Young pelican preening
ProSession: Head of young male Great White pelican
ProSession: Young pelican
ProSession: Great White pelican
ProSession: Movement in Red: Rebels grieving over humanity's role in planetary breakdown; International Rebellion, London