katiachausheva: Bathing the dead butterfly found yesterday
katiachausheva: The unbearable lightness of being, around five o'clock:)
~mimo~: Meeting the tenant~
Mark Fearnley Photography: Self portrait (shot on iPhone 7, self timer)
katiachausheva: Ending July
katiachausheva: A loud silence
eliza.d: this is what life feels like (again)
katiachausheva: Lumière du soir
Marie Hacene: Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL 1)
*ines_maria: ... thebridge ..
Joanna Dm: about nights that seem to go on forever
d i a n e p o w e r s: history leaves me blind
Shu O: Afternoon
aranarruti: Focused
StefanSpeidel: windy day
Mirela Momanu: “ The Other Side of World “ by Mirela Momanu
pkomo: 5826