Peter_Wa: meadow - Wiese
Dave's Dogma: bee balm
Maffe: In Transport [Explore]
colorimperfectionist: natural color from vintage lens without retouch
Josepha46: The Wall
Pit Spielmann: Hold me in your arms ...
s.pither: Dyxums B+W Challenge 4
look to see: the 3-D printed bokeh web .
Rog Whitfield: Two hills
Maffe: Lady with Cat [Explore]
Greyscale3: Miranda F, Auto Miranda 50/1.4 (eight element), Fujicolor 100 expired 2010 EI 50
Pit Spielmann: Skywards
dopol50: bittern
eberhardwild: MIRANDA E 1:1,4/50mm
Pit Spielmann: The little Mermaid
@VanveenJF: ... cute as a button ...
Maffe: Analog News [Explore]
gnarlydog: Ektar on E-M1_c
Pit Spielmann: Groeiend uit het niets | Growing out of nowhere
Fred_St: Trioplan f=13cm, SN 820198 - DSC07673.jpg
Pit Spielmann: No Seating | Geen zitplaatsen
Pit Spielmann: Nature under repair? | De natuur in reparatie?
Cletus Awreetus: Fabricant inconnu, chambre 9x12
Hans Veuger: Pencil Box
@VanveenJF: ... drowned piknik ...
Maffe: Looking Over The Glasses [Explore]
janeland: A19745 / morning light be harsh on olive
OzzRod: Mounted
Pit Spielmann: Volkeraksluizen | Bedieningsgebouw en bezoekersuitkijktoren