leo.roos: Domiplan 30 meets Domiplan 50
leo.roos: End of the garden season
leo.roos: Colours of autumn
leo.roos: Colours of autumn _ 2
leo.roos: Cyclamen
leo.roos: Glass of water and shadow
leo.roos: Das Auto
leo.roos: What's cooking love?
leo.roos: Das Auto (2)
leo.roos: The eyes of the night
leo.roos: Caged eyes
leo.roos: When the shit hits the fence
leo.roos: Bench at night
leo.roos: Condensation can be defined as the change in the state of water vapour to liquid water when in contact with a liquid or solid surface.
leo.roos: Stag
leo.roos: The spirit of Christmas
leo.roos: Christmas lights
leo.roos: A Christmas Festival
leo.roos: Multiple moons in a parallel world
leo.roos: Christmas keyboard
leo.roos: Switch on for Christmas
leo.roos: Yellow
leo.roos: Hands of Fate
leo.roos: Hands of Fate _ 2
leo.roos: Cattle grid
leo.roos: Fence
leo.roos: Sculpted by wind
leo.roos: Laatste koffie voor Ameland
leo.roos: At the end of Lonely Street