leo.roos: Greenhouses on ice 2
leo.roos: Greenhouses on ice 1
leo.roos: Bokeh
leo.roos: Bokeh & flare
leo.roos: Alcea Rosea
leo.roos: Crystal Cut Glass Cheese Dome
leo.roos: Crystal Cut Glass Cheese Dome _ 2
leo.roos: Agapanthus
leo.roos: Hoverfly on globe thistle
leo.roos: Globe thistle
leo.roos: Hugo Meyer Doppel Anastigmat 165mm F6.8
leo.roos: Pouva Start
leo.roos: A. Schacht Ulm Vario Travenon 30-50/1.5, projector lens
leo.roos: Blinds
leo.roos: Papa Joe's Jazzlokal
leo.roos: Signs overload
leo.roos: Girls' talk
leo.roos: Dancing couple
leo.roos: Dancing couple and fountain
leo.roos: Saxy notes
leo.roos: NEW Sony A99II, the model
leo.roos: Concert
leo.roos: ... the singer
leo.roos: Singing along with ...
leo.roos: Pew ornament and beard
leo.roos: Pew ornament _ 2
leo.roos: Grand pianist
leo.roos: Michael
leo.roos: City contrast
leo.roos: Woman