leo.roos: Ellewoutsdijk pumping station
leo.roos: Snowballs
leo.roos: Fence & snow
leo.roos: Snowy bush
leo.roos: Winter logs
leo.roos: Beech leaves
leo.roos: Nude
leo.roos: Rhododendron
leo.roos: Holly
leo.roos: Winter logs _ 2
leo.roos: Treeo
leo.roos: Diagonal tree
leo.roos: View from the bridge
leo.roos: White bench after snow
leo.roos: Uphill fence
leo.roos: White bench
leo.roos: Westenwind, icebound
leo.roos: Departures and arrivals
leo.roos: White snow black ice
leo.roos: The silence of the reeds
leo.roos: No fishing
leo.roos: Icebound
leo.roos: Tracks
leo.roos: Winter still life
leo.roos: Ready for spring
leo.roos: Perspective of pollard willows
leo.roos: Westland winter
leo.roos: Thaw
leo.roos: Rope
leo.roos: ... and look around