leo.roos: Hydroglyphics
leo.roos: Water and fire
leo.roos: As idle as a painted ship upon a painted ocean
leo.roos: Cooling water outlet of Borssele Nuclear Power Station
leo.roos: The Scheldt
leo.roos: Sunbeams on the Scheldt
leo.roos: Stelleplas, Zeeland on Christmas Day
leo.roos: Another mysterious monolith
leo.roos: Like painted ships passing upon a painted river
leo.roos: Water down the drain
leo.roos: What goes up must come down
leo.roos: Flotsam and jetsam in the marina
leo.roos: Mare Tranquillitatis
leo.roos: Mare Tranquillitatis
leo.roos: Baltic skyscape
leo.roos: Red reflection
leo.roos: White house reflected
leo.roos: The bucket is half full
leo.roos: MAPFRE Guest Speed Experience takes centre stage (while the MAPFRE race boat leaves the harbour)
leo.roos: Smögen harbour
leo.roos: Underwaterworld
leo.roos: Westland dreamscape
leo.roos: Oh well
leo.roos: House with a view
leo.roos: Boat, just afloat
leo.roos: The other side of the canal
leo.roos: Westland by night _ 3
leo.roos: Waddenzee
leo.roos: Winda towarova
leo.roos: Låtefossen