lawatt: rain this morning, so here’s some residual sunshine from yesterday’s walk!
lawatt: out on the garden stairs
lawatt: icelandic lilacs in the late-evening after a brief rain
lawatt: late-evening clouds and the garden below
lawatt: enjoying some summery sunshine this afternoon after class, with my Swiss classmate Barbara
lawatt: wind on the water
lawatt: it’s going to be an awfully nice day...
lawatt: wednesday evening in Ísafjörður, after a day of rain...
lawatt: how could one possibly resist...?
lawatt: rrrrrrainy
lawatt: rural Iceland — where you always have an audience, whether you realize it or not...
lawatt: back to class today on a rainy morning, so here’s some sunshine from last week...
lawatt: first day of my icelandic language class today, hooray!
lawatt: a little afternoon caffeination with my new-for-two-weeks view across Ísafjörður
lawatt: i have a new pad for the next two weeks
lawatt: driving to Þingeyri, last week
lawatt: layers and layers...
lawatt: in the history museum
lawatt: rivulets
lawatt: afternoon hike through the (small) forest...
lawatt: the lighthouse at Bolungarvík
lawatt: view from the seawall beach at Ísa
lawatt: stones wedged into the metal stairs by big waves...
lawatt: driving in the Westfjords...
lawatt: hey! hay!
lawatt: lots of haying been done this time of year...
lawatt: panorama at Þórufoss
lawatt: tiny flowers
lawatt: island
lawatt: Þórufoss