Lance Rudge: ~Scaled~ We spent a fair amount of time exploring the incredible thermal pools, mud pits and geysers, all of which where surrounded by interesting cracked patterns like this. Happy Saturday!
Lance Rudge: ~Build up~ Was excited to go play in the heavy snow forecasted for last weekend. We got a little on Sunday that created this beautiful scene at Trillium, but the heavy snow waited until I was back at work on Monday 😐
Lance Rudge: Another glance at one of the gorgeous bamboo forests on Maui. Happy Tuesday!
Lance Rudge: ~Patience~ I love to be busy and on a mission, but Iceland had a TON of incredible road side views, which created a lot of extra stops, u turns and diversions from our master plan. Although we still passed up a bunch, we did mange a few like this gem. Hap
Lance Rudge: Another look back at the beautiful landscape of Iceland happy thanksgiving everyone!
Lance Rudge: ~Green With Envy~ Another glacé at the beautiful rugged landscape of Iceland ! Happy Monday
Lance Rudge: Was revisiting some of my Iceland images and thought I would share this one from the Highlands. Such an amazing place that I can't wait to revisit! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
Lance Rudge: ~On The Rocks~ Had a great weekend on the Oregon Coast, here's a shot from Devils Punchbowl. Happy Tuesday!
Lance Rudge: ~Glow~ Was treated to an unexpected and awesome sunrise last weekend when I was heading out for some fall colors with @terenceleezy & @ramij.
Lance Rudge: ~Elowah~ No matter how times I have visited this falls, I always am in awe of the size and beauty. Happy Friday everybody! Thank you to all those who are serving or have served for our country, you are appreciated!
Lance Rudge: ~Green & Yellow~ Another glance at Starvation Creek falls for #waterfallwednesday
Lance Rudge: ~Starvation~ Had a great morning out hiking with @ramij, @terenceleezy and @annette_rudge. Happy Sunday!
Lance Rudge: ~Big M~ A glance at the iconic Multnomah Falls fading fall colors from last weekend. Happy Friday everyone!
Lance Rudge: ~Elowah~ A late fall image of the 230ft tall iconic Elowah falls in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge! Happy #waterfallwednesday!
Lance Rudge: ~Bridge Over Troubled Water~ A glimpse of the gorgeous fall foliage decorating the Columbia River Gorge. Happy Tuesday!
Lance Rudge: ~Low Down~ A low pov look at Emerald Falls from my weekend hikes with @terenceleezy. So far I have been really enjoying my new insanely wide 10mm Voigtlander lens. Happy Halloween! 👻
Lance Rudge: ~Emerald Falls~ A quick snap of this gorgeous little falls on Gorton Creek with warm fall colors as the backdrop. Happy #waterfallswednesday!
Lance Rudge: ~Tunnel Vision ~ A look at the amazing bamboo forest a few miles up the Pipiwai trail at the end of the road to Hana. Picture just don't convey the beauty of this area.
Lance Rudge: ~Paradise~ A gorgeous little cove along Makena beach on Maui. Happy Sunday!!
Lance Rudge: ~Upper North~ A look at Upper North Fall decked out in her autumn colors. Happy Thursday!!
Lance Rudge: ~In The Mist~ Another one of the beautiful waterfalls of Silver Falls State Park, dressed up in fall colors. Happy #waterfallwednesday
Lance Rudge: ~South Falls~ Another classic behind the falls capture of South Silver Falls. Happy Tuesday!
Lance Rudge: ~Post Card~ A classic view of South Silver Falls from yesterday's shenanigans with Terence and Rami. Had a great time hiking in the fall colors with the rain and mist! Happy Monday!!
Lance Rudge: ~Little Things~ I am making a conscious effort when out shooting to slow down and take time to capture some of the beautiful scenery just off the main path when out hiking, such as this little gem heading to Tamanawas falls.
Lance Rudge: ~Creek Geek~ A creek side look at the beautiful Tamanawas Falls. Sony A7RII - Happy Tuesday!
Lance Rudge: ~Crossing~ A look at the beautiful fall colors erupting alongside Cold Spring Creek from yesterday's hike to Tamanawas Falls. Happy Sunday!
Lance Rudge: "Double Check" Here is a postcard shot from Icelands Skógafoss. I took a ton of images as the double rainbows 🌈 lit up, but sadly forgot to check focus as I buried my lens into lush green foliage and blossoming flowers. So nice to get home and s
Lance Rudge: ~Moss Foss~ Here is another one of the MANY incredible roadside falls we checked out in Iceland. Not a bad water feature to have in your back yard huh? Happy Sunday!
Lance Rudge: ~Waterslide~ A quick image from one of the many beautiful waterfalls that surround Mount Hood. Happy Friday!
Lance Rudge: ~Morning Glow~ A little early morning sun illuminating a southern Oregon waterfalls. Happy Tuesday!