krossbow: Yellow Boots
krossbow: We're Going In
krossbow: And the bridge won't stop calling your name
krossbow: Like painted skies, those days and nights They went flying by
krossbow: Charging, chanting down the jungle line
krossbow: The world was new Beneath the bright blue Umbrella sky
krossbow: Oh my feelings are running so high
krossbow: I feel I could color the sky Amazon blue
krossbow: Deep inside the jungle hearts are still
krossbow: I'm sitting by the side of a river Underneath the pale blue sky
krossbow: Adventure Awaits
krossbow: And I'm rolling right behind you
krossbow: Taking a Picture of You Taking a Picture...
krossbow: In silence I'd hear you And a boat lies waiting
krossbow: We're On A Boat Part 3
krossbow: La Casa del Suizo
krossbow: Use Chaleco Salvavida
krossbow: Yesterday is slowly fadin' All my life I've been waitin' For this time
krossbow: Good Morning from the Napo River
krossbow: Boat to our next adventure
krossbow: Whoops! I Did It Again.
krossbow: Checking FB at the boot house
krossbow: Morning Rainforest Mist
krossbow: Morning Rainforest Mist
krossbow: Rainforest Mist
krossbow: Morning Panorama
krossbow: Caesalpinia pulcherrima
krossbow: Come on over to the swimming pool
krossbow: bar
krossbow: Rooftops