@Tuomo: ...and it is autumn
@Tuomo: adventure in urban nature
@Tuomo: fly fishing
@Tuomo: sunday morning view to lake
@Tuomo: moment of peace
@Tuomo: still life in autumn
@Tuomo: late summe colors
@Tuomo: family life
@Tuomo: summer in the city
@Tuomo: secret of the garden
@Tuomo: black sheep
@Tuomo: may 11th, little snow
@Tuomo: abandoned in sunshine
@Tuomo: ice is melting
@Tuomo: alone on the steet
@Tuomo: walking on pier
@Tuomo: social distance
@Tuomo: less is not always more :-)
@Tuomo: perfect ice
@Tuomo: fisherman crossing an area of crack ice
@Tuomo: harsh winter
@Tuomo: high contrast black & white
@Tuomo: old cottages across the field
@Tuomo: cozy cottage
@Tuomo: old factory
@Tuomo: moment in the morning
@Tuomo: ice yachting
@Tuomo: climate change = crappy winter
@Tuomo: torn between winter and spring
@Tuomo: winter light is special