KeithJ: Desert Center Cafe Neon Sign
KeithJ: Desert Center Cafe Sign And Gas Pumps
KeithJ: Picnic Bench At Fort Tejon.
KeithJ: Deer At Fort Tejon
KeithJ: Fort Tejon
KeithJ: Used Tires
KeithJ: Another Day In Paradis(e)
KeithJ: Monrovia Old Town Derby
KeithJ: Flying A Gas Station
KeithJ: Aztec Hotel Imperfect Panorama
KeithJ: Basin 141
KeithJ: Madonna Of The Trail
KeithJ: Broguieres Dairy
KeithJ: Broguiere's Dairy - Closed.
KeithJ: From The Train To The Stage
KeithJ: Horses - Borrego Springs, California.
KeithJ: Sprouse-Reitz
KeithJ: When You Arrive Early, You Have The Dance Floor To Yourselves.
KeithJ: Roy's Cafe And Route 66 Street Emblem
KeithJ: Roys Cafe.
KeithJ: Route 66 - Roy's Motel And Cafe
KeithJ: Amboy Church
KeithJ: Roy's Motel And Cafe Sign With Bungalows
KeithJ: Calico River Rapids Bear - Knott's Berry Farm
KeithJ: Shady Dell Diner Interior
KeithJ: Twin Arrows
KeithJ: Desert Center, California.
KeithJ: Desert Center Cafe Signs
KeithJ: Desert Center Cafe Sign And Gas Pumps
KeithJ: Leaning Into History