k_rreen: IMG_8722_llamas
k_rreen: IMG_8221_Calm & Blue
k_rreen: IMG_7913_Black&Fire2
k_rreen: IMG_7490_in the middle of the dark
k_rreen: IMG_7358_atardecer encerrado
k_rreen: IMG_7363_light in the shadow
k_rreen: Look trhough the old chains
k_rreen: End of Day ate the Golden Beach
k_rreen: Teenagers facing the uncertain future
k_rreen: The music in the middle of the street
k_rreen: Vanilla Sky
k_rreen: Iron Chains and Golden Water
k_rreen: Peaceful Sunset over the sea
k_rreen: The Beach
k_rreen: Complicity
k_rreen: IMG_6427 - La calma antes de la tempestad
k_rreen: The Sun appears after a foggy day...and says good night :)
k_rreen: Indifference
k_rreen: IMG_6209 growing togwther
k_rreen: IMG_6487
k_rreen: Layers of light & shades
k_rreen: Santia-ghost City
k_rreen: IMG_7007 march 2011
k_rreen: IMG_6995 march 2011
k_rreen: IMG_7005 march 2011
k_rreen: Dark
k_rreen: The Scent of Lavender...
k_rreen: Every moment...a unique wonder
k_rreen: Fire Ball in the Sky
k_rreen: Moon Jan 18th