keithdixon1: Morning reflections on the River Cam
keithdixon1: Reflections of winter
keithdixon1: Orchid
keithdixon1: Never too cold to punt on the River Cam
keithdixon1: Shoes on the Danube
keithdixon1: Parliament Building, in Budapest, on a winters morning
keithdixon1: Buda Castle at night
keithdixon1: The Navy Cut
keithdixon1: The Classic AJS Motorbike
keithdixon1: The Narrowboat Thermopylae
keithdixon1: X marks the spot
keithdixon1: The 25 de Abril Bridge, Lisbon
keithdixon1: The Round Window
keithdixon1: 25th April Bridge, Lisbon, at night.
keithdixon1: The Pena Palace, Sintra
keithdixon1: The castle on the hill
keithdixon1: The Village Bus
keithdixon1: Beauty in a painting
keithdixon1: Painted leopard
keithdixon1: Street art
keithdixon1: You know you have been parked too long when this happens
keithdixon1: She said meet me at the square
keithdixon1: Vespa scooters
keithdixon1: Lisbon street art
keithdixon1: One man and his dog
keithdixon1: Border Force Patrol
keithdixon1: An English country garden
keithdixon1: The Peterhof Palace
keithdixon1: Stavanger
keithdixon1: Egersund, Norway