keithdixon1: Lisbon street art
keithdixon1: One man and his dog
keithdixon1: Border Force Patrol
keithdixon1: An English country garden
keithdixon1: The Peterhof Palace
keithdixon1: Stavanger
keithdixon1: Egersund, Norway
keithdixon1: Rapunzel’s Tower
keithdixon1: The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
keithdixon1: Street Musician In Tallinn, Estonia
keithdixon1: The Mosaic ceiling in The Church of the Spilled Blood
keithdixon1: Here comes the cavalry
keithdixon1: Sunset at St Petersburg
keithdixon1: Sun setting over a yacht on the Baltic Sea
keithdixon1: Lighthouse at dusk
keithdixon1: Helsinki Cathedral
keithdixon1: We have ourselves a convoy
keithdixon1: A Whole Car
keithdixon1: Classic, two dragon fly’s
keithdixon1: Douglas Dragonfly
keithdixon1: A Norton
keithdixon1: The old workshop
keithdixon1: Nice spot for a picnic
keithdixon1: Stormy sky's over Kedleston Hall
keithdixon1: She is going to get very wet
keithdixon1: Crocodile rock
keithdixon1: Tax Department
keithdixon1: Ancient cat bed
keithdixon1: Scotland
keithdixon1: Colourful Fruit