jungle mama: A rare sight! Iridescent Atala is hatching in front of our eyes and pulling its red abdomen free
jungle mama: Sadly this blue Atala's wing got caught in its pupa and never unfurled
jungle mama: Wounded male Atala has white "pencil brush" for emitting pheromones
jungle mama: Iridescent Atala butterfly is working its way out of the cocoon
jungle mama: Tiny bright Atala on large crinkly leaf!
jungle mama: Iridescent blue spotted Atala on brilliant red tubular Pentas
jungle mama: Translucent Atala caterpillar is chewing away Coontie leaf
jungle mama: An abundant crop... rare Atala have just hatched!
jungle mama: Zooming in on rare Atala hatchlings
jungle mama: A rare find... the glorious colors of the almost extinct Atala butterfly
jungle mama: Newly hatched Atala hangs on for dear life... till its wings dry and fill
jungle mama: Eye to eye with newly hatched Atala hanging upside down one dark morning, drying and strenthening
jungle mama: Newly hatched Atala has transformed from a shiny red jelly-like caterpillar
jungle mama: Tiny iridescent Atala dwarfed by Aristolochia leaf dotted with golden butterfly eggs
jungle mama: Breathtakingly close to a brilliantly colored Atala butterfly
jungle mama: Atala on Spanish Needles... an almost extinct butterfly that's coming back!
jungle mama: Peeking in at Atala and unhatched cocoons still on Coontie
jungle mama: Iridescent blue and red Atala on delicate white flower spray
jungle mama: Magnificent newly hatched Atala is gaining strength on Moujean Tea nectar
jungle mama: Iridescent blues and oranges of Atala Butterfly
jungle mama: Atala Eumaeus butterfly breeds only on Florida coontie
jungle mama: Newly hatched extremely rare Atala nectaring on Moujean Tea flowers
jungle mama: A rare sight... Atala nectaring in the morning sun
jungle mama: Tiny Atala on average sized leaf
jungle mama: Rare sky blue spotted Atala butterfly
jungle mama: Monarch sips on Lavender
jungle mama: Gulf Fritillaries are mating and flying as one
jungle mama: Gulf fritillary on red edged Copper Leaf
jungle mama: Gulf fritillary sipping on Mexican Clover on a windy morning
jungle mama: Gulf fritillary skips from grasshead to grasshead