jrussell.1916: Snow Berries
jrussell.1916: Dangling Crabapple Tree Berries
jrussell.1916: Rarely Seen 'Snow Cone' Flowers :-)
jrussell.1916: Snow Berries
jrussell.1916: Snowy Napping, What A Difference A Day Makes
jrussell.1916: Autumn Under ICe
jrussell.1916: Snow Decorated Cypress Tree
jrussell.1916: Snow Cradled Cypress Tree Root Knees
jrussell.1916: Snow Capped Fence & Blowing Snow
jrussell.1916: Female Cardinal Finding Seed In Dim Light
jrussell.1916: Lone Dark Eyed Junco Having Breakfast
jrussell.1916: Feathers Of Autumn
jrussell.1916: Feathers Of Autumn
jrussell.1916: Autumn Morning Grasses Aglow
jrussell.1916: Autumn Dispute
jrussell.1916: Autumn Dispute 2
jrussell.1916: Autumn Dispute 3
jrussell.1916: Lonesome Autumn Drifter
jrussell.1916: Delicate Blooms Among The Fallen
jrussell.1916: Cypress Tree Fruit Saying Goodbye
jrussell.1916: Silhouetted
jrussell.1916: Cypress Afloat
jrussell.1916: Glowing Farewell
jrussell.1916: Acorn Lover
jrussell.1916: Posing Northern Mockingbird
jrussell.1916: Berries Aglow Overhead
jrussell.1916: Lone November Turtle
jrussell.1916: Sharing Some Morning Quiet Time In The Shoreline Shadows
jrussell.1916: Shaded Bushy Tail In The Cypress Foliage
jrussell.1916: Posing Quickly On A Cypress Tree Root Knee