johnthoward1961: Libellula needhami. Explore 2/11/17
johnthoward1961: Waiting Patiently.
johnthoward1961: A magical evening in Tampa.
johnthoward1961: Southern delight.
johnthoward1961: He slid into the water and just sat there.
johnthoward1961: Florida sun set.
johnthoward1961: Tranquil Early Morning
johnthoward1961: White cabbage butterfly.
johnthoward1961: Dance of the seagull.
johnthoward1961: Pylons of time.
johnthoward1961: A Very Common observed.
johnthoward1961: A Misty Moment.
johnthoward1961: Home of the Monarch!
johnthoward1961: The Takeoff.
johnthoward1961: Darkside.
johnthoward1961: Flight of Great Horned Owl
johnthoward1961: Never-never land.
johnthoward1961: White Peacock Butterfly
johnthoward1961: The Blue Ridge Mountains!
johnthoward1961: Halloween Pennant Dragonfly!
johnthoward1961: Urban Windows.
johnthoward1961: Angel!
johnthoward1961: Covered mist.
johnthoward1961: Private Sailboat.
johnthoward1961: Sureal.
johnthoward1961: Evening Glow.
johnthoward1961: The White Ibis.
johnthoward1961: It’s a great big world out there.
johnthoward1961: Light of the night.
johnthoward1961: View from a different perspective.