PHILTEFL: This sign means
PHILTEFL: New neighbours soon
PHILTEFL: 92 houses and flats to be built here
PHILTEFL: More building
PHILTEFL: 200 houses
PHILTEFL: View 2 before building
PHILTEFL: View 1 before building
PHILTEFL: New neighbours
PHILTEFL: New car dealship 2
PHILTEFL: New car dealership
PHILTEFL: Even more building
PHILTEFL: One less green open space
PHILTEFL: Week two
PHILTEFL: Work is progressing
PHILTEFL: Could have neighbours by Xmas
PHILTEFL: Building is coming on fast
PHILTEFL: Field next door has gone
PHILTEFL: neighbours coming soon
PHILTEFL: What a difference a year makes
PHILTEFL: Before and After
PHILTEFL: New bus stops for the hospital