PHILTEFL: Rail workers
PHILTEFL: Do they want to be there
PHILTEFL: Black Routemaster
PHILTEFL: Stewards ready
PHILTEFL: Putting barriers out
PHILTEFL: Horses 2
PHILTEFL: Horses 1
PHILTEFL: Hi-viz on bike
PHILTEFL: Standing out
PHILTEFL: George Osborne @ASDA Colchester
PHILTEFL: Stock check
PHILTEFL: Cameras in action
PHILTEFL: Nothing to do
PHILTEFL: Sign turning
PHILTEFL: Group of Hi Viz
PHILTEFL: Men and a van
PHILTEFL: Happy workman
PHILTEFL: Men at work
PHILTEFL: Ginger in orange
PHILTEFL: getting lunch
PHILTEFL: Wait for me
PHILTEFL: Men at work
PHILTEFL: Directing
PHILTEFL: Fixing the lights
PHILTEFL: 360118
PHILTEFL: men at work
PHILTEFL: Waiting for the call
PHILTEFL: Watching the crowd
PHILTEFL: Waiting for trouble