cliffbriggie: _DSC9817
cliffbriggie: _DSC9712
cliffbriggie: _DSC9713
Chris Francz: 12/12/19. 8 1/2” x 11”. Sketchbook. Just a made up person. Trying a style out.
Chris Francz: 12/12/19. Random sketchbook doodles. Small sections of 8 1/2” x 11” pages. face study
andrewmirzoian: Speed skating (first version)
andrewmirzoian: Speed skating (second version)
CodeHole: Round and Round, 191211
salvorivolo: Elsie Evelyn
salvorivolo: Lezioni di volo pink
salvorivolo: Irene Vanbrugh
therealshawnshawn: Minoan Murex Mounds 2
therealshawnshawn: Minoan Murex Mounds 1
therealshawnshawn: 93% of the Galaxy
Puliafico: Magia del tramonto Olio su tela 160x135cm
Puliafico: Una Mattina Gelida Acrilico su tela 65x90cm
Cooper Renner: Things on a bed
manfred schloesser: Helgoland_2019