itarugra: The view across the river
itarugra: There are more buildings
itarugra: How long has it been?
itarugra: Let's come here to eat next time!
itarugra: Long time no see
itarugra: The usual scenery
itarugra: Days like a dream
itarugra: Hope sails ahead
itarugra: What lies ahead?
itarugra: No more night lights
itarugra: No more roads
itarugra: No more sun
itarugra: Curtain of Light
itarugra: Good morning
itarugra: Hide and seek
itarugra: The same as always
itarugra: The usual scenery
itarugra: Familiar scenery
itarugra: Mysterious Object from Space
itarugra: UFO came in a row.
itarugra: Hiding in the bushes
itarugra: Another unchanging morning
itarugra: Bonjour à tous
itarugra: Buongiorno a tutti!
itarugra: Taking a breather
itarugra: Lamp shines as it always
itarugra: Glasses waiting for turn
itarugra: Reggiano
itarugra: Light of the heart
itarugra: Deer in this place?