indiadawn: Colors of Autumn
indiadawn: Serendipity
indiadawn: Fire Bokeh
indiadawn: Assorted Bokeh
indiadawn: Do you have change for a “Dollar”
indiadawn: Autumn Bokeh with Spider
indiadawn: Here’s lookin’ at you kid!
indiadawn: Nomadic Cosmos
indiadawn: Bokeh Tree
indiadawn: Kaleidoscope
indiadawn: Abstract Bouquet
indiadawn: Raspberry Gumdrops
indiadawn: Daisy Chain
indiadawn: All My Favorite Colors
indiadawn: .... everything’s coming up Daisies :)
indiadawn: Autumn Fireworks
indiadawn: Pink is for Girls?
indiadawn: Daisy Drops
indiadawn: Double ‘n Bubble
indiadawn: Oranges :)
indiadawn: Details of a Sunflower
indiadawn: Sunflower Drops
indiadawn: Bokeh Ascending
indiadawn: A few Wishes left to be Granted
indiadawn: Lavender Baubles
indiadawn: Emerald Baubles
indiadawn: Surfs Up