My Beady Eye.: Formation flying
shutterbug_uk2012: final destination
iwona_podlasinska: rain (Niel)
alandebarker: Down by the River - Flushing, Cornwall
Su Bayfield: A tree I could talk to ...
iancook95: Great Tit
Su Bayfield: Seascape
Su Bayfield: Severance
iancook95: Nutty.
Kenneth Vetter: Scare Blue Night
Kenneth Vetter: Color Sparkling Evening
My Beady Eye.: Riders on the storm
dave p brecks: Inkcap.
alandebarker: View to Gurnard's Head
gerainte1: Across the Strait 1
gerainte1: Across the Strait 2
gks18: Tell Me Your Dreams- portrait, BW
gks18: Ode to "Flaming June" - Frederic Leighton
gks18: Reach for Your Dreams. BW
gks18: Portrait, BW
Phil's Pixels: A Fine Autumn Morning at Oxbow Bend
Dave Holder: Woodland Walk
iwona_podlasinska: evening rain
gerainte1: Turning and turning in the widening gyre (William Butler Yeats)
Su Bayfield: Leftovers
iancook95: Kingfisher (m)