harrypwt: clearing smoke ...
harrypwt: coastal of karimunjawa
harrypwt: clear water ...
harrypwt: white boat and lilys
harrypwt: trash buckets
harrypwt: rental boat
harrypwt: green boat
harrypwt: smoke ....
harrypwt: my neigbour
harrypwt: reflection of light
harrypwt: evening calm water ....
harrypwt: going back home
harrypwt: green and red boat
harrypwt: broken net
harrypwt: solitaire
harrypwt: ship wreck
harrypwt: blue wooden boat
harrypwt: beach at sunrise
harrypwt: small hut on the rock
harrypwt: ivory bridge and strong humbucker ...
harrypwt: guitar front hole
harrypwt: something interesting
harrypwt: green chairs
harrypwt: ngaben - traditional cremation of the death ceremony ..
harrypwt: wooden structures on the beach
harrypwt: small tree
harrypwt: joglo-style cottages on the hill
harrypwt: berkibarlah sang merahputih
harrypwt: love hill