gtvone: Hello, earth
gtvone: Escape
gtvone: Escape
gtvone: Anxiety's a bitch...
gtvone: You've changed
gtvone: All in all it's just another brick in your wall
gtvone: Feels like...
gtvone: Fight like brothers, love like brothers (but only when they think nobody is watching ❤️)
gtvone: A long walk
gtvone: Thirty Five
gtvone: Again
gtvone: My new 3LeggedThing Bucky | A leg study
gtvone: My new 3LeggedThing Bucky | Ballhead with a view
gtvone: What are you listening to?
gtvone: Faded
gtvone: Loss of focus
gtvone: Gasoline
gtvone: Shadow on the sun
gtvone: Voices! Shush...
gtvone: These mist covered mountains...
gtvone: A self portrait
gtvone: You tool
gtvone: Come at me... sawdust...
gtvone: Friends. If all we can do for each other during this strange time is to remember to ask ‘are you ok?’ Then we gotta remember to ask. Until a couple years back I’d never experienced anxiety, a cold crushing anxiety that I’d never experienced and one that s
gtvone: The kid in the ripples
gtvone: Bugger. #JustACar
gtvone: Inexorably linked
gtvone: Sunshine & Darkness
gtvone: There goes another quarantine... #Danzig
gtvone: If you can support your local businesses, support your local businesses. No keep cups in most (of my morning sampled cafes =2) cafes today. Takeaway cups and not many people really sitting in. Be kind to each other. ❤️