oh_its_grace: Clearwater Beach Florida
oh_its_grace: Clearwater Beach Florida
oh_its_grace: Cannondale
oh_its_grace: Purple cone flower
oh_its_grace: Water lilly
oh_its_grace: Old school window cranks
oh_its_grace: Gardenia
oh_its_grace: Grapes 1
oh_its_grace: The Crew
oh_its_grace: Circle B Bar Ranch
oh_its_grace: Clearwater Beach
oh_its_grace: Congratulations Michael. SEU bound!!
oh_its_grace: Spring
oh_its_grace: My kids and I went and got a family tattoo yesterday. We have been wanting to do this for a long time. Triangles to signify all of the angles of life, all intertwined like our life’s, all the same as we are ...and yet...uniquely individual. I love them!
oh_its_grace: A different prespective
oh_its_grace: Yashica Patriotic Barn
oh_its_grace: one way
oh_its_grace: Lighthouse
oh_its_grace: black and white fence
oh_its_grace: Morris Farms decoration
oh_its_grace: From many moons ago!
oh_its_grace: Abadoned window revisited
oh_its_grace: River reflections
oh_its_grace: Beech Leaves
oh_its_grace: Winter Berries 2
oh_its_grace: Black and White barn
oh_its_grace: Do you know how difficult it is to get three very active girls. a cranky baby and two overwhelmed parents too all look at you and smile st the same time?? All I can say is I am glad I normally photograph nonliving things 😁
oh_its_grace: GGs girls ❤️❤️
oh_its_grace: Ollie and Vardaman ❤️