gioacchinogino.ali: Sofficino. Sunbath. (Gandalf in the background)
gioacchinogino.ali: Sofficino. Waiting for his human friend.
Eva astur: Desde abajo..hacia arriba
BKHagar *Kim*: Sitting Behind the Sadness
tat2dqltr: "Reading" the fence
Eva astur: Durmiendo profundamente
tat2dqltr: keeping cool
justL1209: Wistful
tat2dqltr: Can you spot the cat?
CopperScaleDragon: Sam and Dean lounging in the window
CopperScaleDragon: Dean lounging in the window
rujakjepret {JPG only}: D70s Kucing Parkir BW
duluoz cats: bodega cat judgment
Sunny&16: img18036
Sunny&16: IMG_5585
EmperorNorton47: Boadicea Rests
Eva astur: Lamiendo heridas
Eva astur: Hasta el 40 de Mayo ...
tat2dqltr: "Did you say treats?"
justL1209: Matteo singing along to Memory, from Cats
Sunny&16: DSC_5957
peterkelly: The Trouble With Time
scotchokra: "Tux" posed for a photo.
René Ouderling: Sollicitating at MGM