RPahre: Fruits of Plas Mawr
corradoriccomini: Cucumis melo
whyworry2010: Apple with pomgranate and lemon
sue.h: saturday morning ll
efo: Arrangement
.yulia.: classic still life with books
CuriousZed: Still life
Claudio Marchiori: Watermelon Still Life
.yulia.: three red apples
Marcello Rapisardi: Apricots, plums and flower
.yulia.: with the slipping shawl
AILAFM: Still Life - Prada Amber
floralgal: Brown Bag With Pears
lionespa: Stilleven met stroopwafel
jrlarimer: Still Life With Lemons
floralgal: Brown Bag Lunch
zoranjc: Books,tulips and texture
The Big Yin: Tulips 2
kevsyd: Still life with apples in the style of Cezanne
floralgal: Flower Cloth
Claudio Marchiori: Tomatoes Still life.
floralgal: Old English
-chill-: The Art of Computer Programming
floralgal: Still White
E.Davydova: Antique glass with grapes and red currant
The Big Yin: Tulips
fotopersona: something fishy 16/52
floralgal: The Cutting Board
Claudio Marchiori: Apples still life (Explored)