edk7: Union Station 'Great Hall' coffered ceiling - Financial District, Toronto
nitinpatel2: IMG_8602
rumimume: Januray on The Niagara River
edk7: Forgotten farm fence, Credit River Valley, Meadowvale Village, Peel Region, Ontario
rumimume: Winter in Niagara
rumimume: 2018 Garrison Chrsitmas- Fort George
rumimume: Winter Ice
edk7: Barber paper mill ruins, with graffiti - Georgetown, Halton Hills, Ontario
nitinpatel2: IMG_8568
Coastal Elite: 🇨🇦 Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
rumimume: Frost
rumimume: Christmas at McFarland House (2018) portrait
rumimume: Winter Ice
edk7: Prairie skyscraper..
nitinpatel2: IMG_8588
rumimume: Winter Ice
dloran01: CP Rail Crew - Cleaning switches
rumimume: Frost
rumimume: 2018 Garrison Chrsitmas- Pottery Shelves
edk7: Mainline train station, Grand Trunk Railway, 1907 - Brampton, Ontario.
rumimume: Winter Ice
rumimume: Frost
edk7: Train station, Brampton, Ontario.
nitinpatel2: IMG_8615
LInDeZign: ~ Fanciful Roses ~
edk7: Active farm with abandoned old barn, Halton Hills, Ontario..