tberard: Distressed housing stock and legacy tree in winter
tberard: Store front church
giuseppebracchitta: coppie d’altri tempi
tberard: Store front - aquarium supplies , fishes , coffee ; human trafficking billboard
giuseppebracchitta: Playing outside
tberard: Rocky River
uifaylkj8: Clouds and glass
uifaylkj8: Downtown
tberard: Store front church
tberard: Industry along the lake , Cleveland Ohio USA
giuseppebracchitta: porto turistico
giuseppebracchitta: Piazza Stesicoro
oldbourbonguy: Traffic Lights
uoıʇnloʌǝɹʍol: Movember 23
uoıʇnloʌǝɹʍol: Movember 22
uifaylkj8: Patterns on ships gangplank Lake Erie, Ohio
uifaylkj8: Tunnel on Towpath bike path, Peninsula, Ohio
wetmorew: Hayden Falls in 4x5 film
uifaylkj8: Rock&Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, Ohio
tberard: Store front - flowers and fruit / florist
uifaylkj8: Walking through a tunnel
tberard: Distressed housing stock
tim.perdue: Inside Looking Out
tberard: Sunrise over the cemetery
uoıʇnloʌǝɹʍol: Movember 12
uifaylkj8: Texting
uifaylkj8: Walking in downtown Cleveland