Juh-ku: Sticks are best
Jon in Thailand: ,, 3rd Floor Roof ,,
Rob & Amy Lavoie: Rylee coming at me (90D)
desireeskorzec: Wo ist mein Frühstück
barrob photos: Pomeranian
meg price: Shortcut
Deneb56: Diana e Pongo...., we continue to walk together...! (Spoleto)
Anja Schruba: Leica & Tito
JoachimBakken: Take-off!
whitbywoof: 190329 Willow Tree-0015
Lunarr Photographyy: Sydney Flying
Lunarr Photographyy: The Flying sausage.
desireeskorzec: Henry ganz in sich gekehrt
cascorn: Otis
Mahgpi: Rosie and Jager
RCB4J: All eight feet off the ground!!
arlingay: Ruby.
Rorals: IMG_8314
Rorals: IMG_8313
Rorals: IMG_8301
_rney_: Mexx
trawson58: Dolly (Beach Time)
RCB4J: enter stage left
RCB4J: flying smile
Keshet Kennels & Rescue: Picture of the Day
© Freddie: Chase me, chase me!
© Freddie: "The bells, the bells ..."
Keshet Kennels & Rescue: Picture of the Day
wuestenigel: English Bulldog in the Yard